You Miss the Point With Bitcoin — It’s The First Time You Have Something That Really Belongs to You

This is an incredible game-changer for your life.

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I write daily about Bitcoin. It is a pleasure for me to share my vision and opinions on this incredible monetary revolution that I am lucky enough to be able to take part in at my modest level.

The most interesting thing for me is to read people’s comments following the publication of my articles.

Of course, some comments are much better than others. By better, I mean that they are well-argued and really contribute something. Unfortunately, some comments are also baseless attacks on Bitcoin and its revolution.

My opinions do not influence the price of Bitcoin

Among the feedback I get, there is one that comes up a lot: Bitcoin is worthless and only speculation.

People who make this kind of comment all the time then accuse me of trying to manipulate the price of Bitcoin via my articles. The first thing I want to say is that I have no such power. I am just a humble Bitcoiner sharing my opinions and ideas.

My articles have no power over the price of Bitcoin.

The second thing is that I am not trying to manipulate anything. As I constantly say, you should not blindly follow the advice of so-called experts, which of course includes me, since nobody can predict the price of Bitcoin. My articles are simply meant to provide you with some input to include in your own thought process.

At the end of the day, it’s always your money at stake. So it’s up to you to make the best decisions for your future given your personal interests.

Bitcoin is more than just another financial investment

That being said, I think that people who constantly make these kinds of criticisms are missing the point with Bitcoin. These people are limiting themselves to the financial side of Bitcoin. They only see Bitcoin as a get-rich-quick scheme that will be added sooner or later to the long list of those that have been dismantled in the past.

Bitcoin has nothing to do with that. Bitcoin is a monetary revolution designed to give you back the power over your money.

This is a major paradigm shift that you need to integrate to fully understand the deeper purpose of the Bitcoin revolution. With Bitcoin, it is the first time you can buy something that is actually yours. As I read this sentence, some people will say that I am saying something wrong.

You may be deprived of a property you own

After all, you can buy real estate.

Yes, real estate can be purchased and you have title to it. However, that title is only valuable because the government of your country guarantees it. For many people, this is a major problem, as unstable governments do not provide this type of guarantee on a long-term basis.

Those living in emerging countries or under authoritarian regimes may have their property seized or be driven out of their homes.

Under these conditions, your real estate is not necessarily something you can absolutely rely on. In the Western world, this is generally the case, but elsewhere it is much more complicated.

Your money in fiat currency within the current system is yours only if you follow the rules of governments and bankers

Some people will tell me that they can save the fruits of their labor in the current banking system. On the face of it, you can do that. However, you should know that the endless monetary inflation we have been experiencing for several decades is silently killing your purchasing power over time.

Your $1,000 in 1971 is not even $150 fifty years later.

Worse yet, your money in the current system can be confiscated at any time by arbitrary decisions of the banks. It is your hard-earned money, but it is stored in a system where the bankers have all the rights. Worse, the bankers can prevent you from making the transactions you want for totally arbitrary reasons.

You can’t say anything, because the rules are not yours.

In the current system, your money is reserved for you as long as you respect the wishes of the powerful who run it. So you can’t live your life on your own terms. That is the reality.

In today’s world, you are at the mercy of governments, central bankers, and private bankers. In short, you have nothing that is really yours no matter what. The power of censorship of these powerful people over you is immense.

Bitcoin allows you, for the first time in your life, to own something that is truly yours

With Bitcoin, you are facing a major paradigm shift that goes beyond the financial aspect.

When you buy Bitcoin, you are entering a totally independent system that belongs to its users. Bitcoin has never received a single subsidy from governments or private banks to develop. Bitcoin has grown because of the desire of its users to build a better world for the future.

Bitcoin exists outside the current monetary and financial system. It is an alternative offered to citizens around the world.

Politicians and bankers are afraid of Bitcoin, but they would do better to accept the competition and let the free market decide what is best for it. In the end, it will be Bitcoin that is chosen by more and more people.

Final Thoughts

For those who open their eyes to the Bitcoin system before others do, and there are already tens of millions of people who do, they will be happy to discover a system where the fruits of their labor are protected. A system that allows them to actually own something no matter what.

This major disruption is worth fighting for days to make sure the Bitcoin revolution triumphs. The next time you criticize Bitcoin for being nothing but hot air, look beyond the financial side to the freedom that Bitcoin offers its users.

If you make that effort, then you’ll understand why Bitcoin is unique and why the future belongs to it.

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