Why You Shouldn’t Blindly Follow Advice From Bitcoin Gurus — Including Mine

You don’t have to buy Bitcoin because I’m telling you it’s a revolution.

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Bitcoin is something that changes lives. In any case, Bitcoin has changed my life and the lives of many other Bitcoiners. After realizing that Bitcoin was a true revolution that would change the world of the future, I decided to share with others by regularly writing articles about Bitcoin, money, and the economy in general.

My devouring passion for Bitcoin has become such that I now write at least one article a day.

If you’ve been reading me for some time now, you’ve figured out that I am a Bitcoiner. I have a deep conviction that Bitcoin will change the world of the future when it comes to money. Better yet, Bitcoin will change the world of the future for the better by giving everyone the same opportunities.

Bitcoin is a true revolution that will change the world of the future

Bitcoin does not suffer from the arbitrariness of humans, nor their penchant for corruption. With Bitcoin, everything is known in advance, and everything is automatic. The fact that the rules that govern Bitcoin’s monetary policy are written in its source code is a phenomenal guarantee for all its users.

When you buy Bitcoin, you already know what to expect.

It may seem anecdotal, but having the guarantee that there will never be more than 21 million Bitcoins in circulation and that the issuance of new Bitcoins will decrease over time according to a schedule known to everyone, is something essential.

Bitcoin is predictable. It gives you guarantees in an uncertain world. It is often said that Bitcoin is a hedge against uncertainty. When you buy a Bitcoin in 2020, you know that you will still own one Bitcoin out of every 21 million existing in 2050.

Since the Bitcoin price is set to rise considerably in the future, the value of your Bitcoins will increase and make you a very rich person. Bitcoin will therefore protect your wealth over time.

The advantage is that no one will be able to confiscate your Bitcoins. As long as you have the private keys to your Bitcoins, no one can confiscate them from you. Since Bitcoin has no leader, no one can stop you from using your Bitcoins as you wish.

Bitcoin belongs to all its users.

Bitcoiners are not trying to convince you to buy Bitcoin

After reading all this, you must think that I am trying to force you to buy Bitcoin. Some people even send me private messages telling me that my articles are interesting, but they are not convinced.

They ask me questions and eventually tell me to prove to them that they should buy Bitcoin instead of gold or Tesla stock.

My answer is always the same: I have no interest in you buying Bitcoin.

I do not sell anything in my articles. If you buy Bitcoin, you will be doing the right thing for you, not for me. My choice has been made a long time ago, and I continue to apply a Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA) buying strategy with Bitcoin regardless of the Bitcoin price.

You don’t have to buy Bitcoin because I’m telling you it’s a revolution. You should not blindly follow the advice of the Bitcoin Gurus. I reassure you, I don’t see myself as a Bitcoin Guru. There are much more intelligent and inspiring people in the Bitcoin world than me.

But the truth is the same: you shouldn’t buy Bitcoin because these people tell you that Bitcoin is a revolution.

My goal is simply for you to open your eyes to the incredible potential of Bitcoin

All the articles that I write, and that Bitcoin Gurus write, are only there to open your eyes. My goal is to make you aware of the flaws of the current monetary and financial system. Once you become aware of the flaws of this system, you will be able to discover why Bitcoin matters.

Once you have discovered Bitcoin, and especially how it responds to the problems posed by the current system, it will be up to you to decide whether or not you want to take the plunge.

If after reading my articles, you still haven’t opted for Bitcoin, it is not up to me privately to make you want to buy Bitcoin rather than gold or Tesla stock.

If you think Tesla is the new Bitcoin, you should buy Tesla stock. If you think gold is a better store of value than Bitcoin, you should buy gold. Either way, I urge you to follow your instincts.

You’re the only master on board no matter what happens

In the end, it is always you who will pay with your money. Your decisions are binding on you, not on me or the Bitcoin Gurus.

You should see my articles as a source of information to help you make decisions to take care of your money future. The economic crisis we are going through in 2020 has highlighted this more than ever: it is up to you, and you alone, to take care of your future in terms of money.

Politicians, bankers, and economists who make fine speeches will not do it for you.

You are the only master on board when it comes to whether or not to invest in an asset. If you make a mistake, you will not be able to blame others, because you will have made the decision.

Likewise, there is no need to ask how much Bitcoin you need to buy. It’s up to you to know what you want for your future. I think the Bitcoin price may reach the million-dollar mark in 20 to 30 years. Owning 1 BTC in its entirety seems to me to be a no-brainer.

Again, this is just my humble opinion.

You must form your own opinion about Bitcoin, and act accordingly

If you think that Bitcoin is not worth it and that gold is a safer investment, you should listen to your instincts. That’s the real secret in life.

You have to act on your ideas and your interests. Everyone’s profile is different. Your profile is different from mine, and Bitcoiners. We can’t decide for you. Our mission, because it is indeed a mission for us, is to enlighten you on the fact that Bitcoin is a revolutionary system that will change the world of the future.

We enlighten you, we share our ideas. Our goal is simply that you have all the cards in hand to make the best decisions for your future.

If by any chance you decide to buy Bitcoin, it will ultimately be your choice. You would do it because you are deeply convinced but not because a Bitcoin Guru told you so. If you do so simply by following the advice of an expert, you are wrong.

It would be a shame to buy Bitcoin this way without knowing what you are doing.

In my opinion, it is even more dangerous to buy Bitcoin without understanding why you buy Bitcoin than not to buy Bitcoin at all. Why? Simply because at the first drop in the Bitcoin price, you might panic and sell all your Bitcoins at a loss.

This behavior is frequently found in the Bitcoin world among those who do not have full confidence in its revolution. I don’t wish you to be a part of this, because people who experience this often find themselves disgusted with Bitcoin when it is simply a bad strategic approach that has led them down this wrong path.


So take your time before entering the Bitcoin world. Make the effort to form your own opinion. Deepen your knowledge by reading extensively. The day you are ready, you will be. Then you will be able to follow your instincts about whether or not to buy Bitcoin.

It’s bound to be the best decision for you because it will be yours.

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