Bitcoin Frightens Politicians, Bankers And Economists For One Essential Reason

This essential reason is the one that should encourage everyone to discover Bitcoin.

Bitcoin has become a real topic of conversation at family dinners. Indeed, more and more often, Bitcoiners are being questioned by family members about Bitcoin. Some are eager to learn more about this ongoing revolution while others are content with picks to launch often sterile debates.

Anyway, Bitcoin is becoming more and more popular year after year. This democratization is increasingly frightening politicians, bankers and economists. Their reaction remains the same: trying to slow down, to block or even to annihilate the emergence of Bitcoin as a credible alternative to the current monetary system.

To achieve their goals, they are ready for anything: bans, false statements about the dangers of Bitcoin promoting cybercrime or money laundering, simplistic demonstrations showing that Bitcoin is not backed by anything taking into account the codes of the current system,… The list is far too long to be exhaustively listed in this article.

In the face of these outrageous reactions, have you ever wondered why politicians, bankers and economists are so afraid of Bitcoin?

I’m pretty sure it is, but you can’t find a specific answer to that question. I will therefore share with you my thoughts on this thorny issue.

The Current Monetary And Financial System Benefits A Minority

Globalization should foster the emergence of a better and more egalitarian world for all. At least that’s what his ardent supporters were advancing all the time. Unfortunately, globalization has produced the opposite result: the world has never been so unequal.

The world’s inequalities in income, health, living conditions and education have never been greater.

The wealth is in the hands of a very small minority of the world’s inhabitants. Thus, the world has 2100 billionaires in 2019 who have accumulated a fortune of more than 8,700 billion dollars.

Even worse, the world’s 26 richest billionaires now have as much money in their hands as the poorest half of humanity.

The current monetary and financial system allows the ultra-rich to become even richer while the number of very poor continues to grow in the world.

This system defended by politicians, bankers and economists benefits a minority.

The General Public Lacks Financial Education

Within developed countries, the average level of education of populations is increasingly high. More and more people go to university and come out with a huge theoretical background. Unfortunately, university studies do not cover an essential subject when entering working life: financial education.

The education system in the major developed countries does not teach you how to earn and manage money.

Yet, it’s the key to success if you ever want to break out of the 9–5 job routine. The general public lacks financial education.

Few people really know what money is and how it works. Most people are also unaware that their fiat currency is constantly devalued by the decisions of central bankers who choose to create more and more currency.

Indeed, they believe that increasing the money supply is the solution to all economic problems. Unfortunately, the general public does not perceive the dangers of the monetary policy choices made by their governments.

Their lack of financial education prevents them from seeing clearly in the actions of the people who govern them.

Politicians, Bankers And Economists Do Not Want Things To Change

This lack of financial education for the general public is a long-standing problem for politicians, bankers and economists. They could have taken steps to change programs within universities in order to train as many people as possible in all aspects of money.

However, they have never done so. Don’t think it’s a coincidence. All this is the result of a clear desire to keep the general public in the dark. Henry Ford as he once said:

“It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.” — Henry Ford

The people who govern us therefore ensure that any revolution in the current monetary and financial system that benefits them is avoided by keeping the masses in ignorance.

However, this strategy is beginning to show its limitations in many parts of the world. We are witnessing an increasing number of popular revolts. People no longer support the policies of their governments.

The result is a real crisis of confidence in the current system, which is considered flawed and not fixable as it stands.

Indeed, how could the men who have set up this failing system that benefits them take the radical decisions needed to set up a better system for all?

It is simply impossible.

Understanding Bitcoin Means Discovering The Flaws In The Current System

When politicians fail, it is the people who must take control. This is precisely what is happening with the Bitcoin that Satoshi Nakamoto has offered to the whole world in 2009.

Bitcoin represents a peaceful protest by people all over the world against the current failing monetary system.

Bitcoin is a solution that emerges from the will of the people because it is the people who will decide what Bitcoin should be. The way Bitcoin works is simple to understand and allows people who are interested to realize that money should not be so complicated.

When a person discovers Bitcoin, he then start asking himself a lot of questions about the current monetary and financial system.

By filling in their lack of financial literacy, these people are gradually discovering all the flaws in the current system.

Bitcoin Encourages The Questioning Of The Current System

Once the flaws in the current monetary system have been discovered, people quickly understand how Bitcoin is a revolution and, above all, why it is currently the only credible alternative to this flawed system.

Bitcoin encourages the questioning of the current system.

By maintaining their Bitcoin HODLING strategy month after month, HODLERS make it possible to maintain Bitcoin at a high price. These Bitcoin innovators therefore play a key role.

The resulting continued appreciation of the price of Bitcoin against the U.S. dollar encourages, and will continue to encourage in the future, people to become more curious about Bitcoin.

They will then come to learn what money is, how it works and why the current system is flawed.

Quite often, people come to Bitcoin simply to make a profit. Then, little by little, a radical change takes place in them and they gradually become real Bitcoiners when they understand the importance of Bitcoin for the future of humanity.

The Beneficiaries Of The Current System Do Not Want The General Public To Discover An Alternative Solution

By keeping the general public unaware of what money is and how it works, politicians, bankers, economists and billionaires know very well what they are doing.

The beneficiaries of the current system are looking for absolutely no desire for the general public to discover a more equitable alternative.

They are afraid that people will discover a new path that could be a credible alternative to the current monetary and financial system. An alternative that would bring about a fairer world for a majority.

A fairer world in which Bitcoin would be a neutral and apolitical currency that would allow people to avoid the oppression of the all powerful.

Bitcoin could be a different path for humanity and distribute the riches of this world into the hands of the greatest number. For this essential reason, politicians, bankers, economists and even billionaires are afraid of Bitcoin.

They are afraid of losing their acquired advantages thanks to this flawed system designed to benefit them. For this essential reason, you should take an interest in Bitcoin now in order to understand how lucky it is for our future.

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