HODLing Bitcoin No Matter What Is Your Superpower

Use it fully to become an anonymous hero.

Illustration by Sylvain Saurel

Ordinary people can do extraordinary things. That’s one thing I believe in. All you have to do is adopt the right mindset and be consistent. This is true in all areas, but here I’ll return to the Bitcoin world.

While Bitcoin is priced well above $50K now, many people keep saying that those who bought in under $10K were lucky.

In reality, there was no luck in buying Bitcoin under $10K. Furthermore, to be among the most rewarded by the Bitcoin revolution as I write this, buying Bitcoin under $10K was not enough.

Buying Bitcoin is easy, but Becoming a Bitcoin HODLer is difficult

Many people have bought Bitcoin in past years at prices well below the current price. However, the majority of these people eventually abandoned their fundamental belief in the Bitcoin revolution by selling their BTC.

Those who sold their BTC throughout the years did not use their superpower in the Bitcoin world. That superpower is HODL Bitcoin no matter what.

You don’t have to be an extraordinary person to do this, you just have to have complete confidence in Bitcoin. This can only be achieved after deepening your knowledge so that you open your eyes to the flaws in the current system, but more importantly, to the fact that Bitcoin addresses these flaws in a way that benefits the people.

Becoming a Bitcoin HODLer no matter what will change your life on many levels.

Becoming a Bitcoin HODLer changes your life for the better

It will push you to develop your critical thinking skills. You will always want to check things out for yourself. In fact, you will reduce your ignorance, which will enable you to make better decisions.

Secondly, you will understand that today’s society pushes you to spend more and more of your hard-earned money on things you don’t need. Do you need the latest iPhone or a trendy sports car? Probably not, but you will buy it to fulfill the need that the consumer society creates in you.

Moreover, the endless inflation of the U.S. dollar will take away your desire to save the fruits of your labor.

Bitcoin gives you back the essential right to save the fruits of your labor without fear that it will be arbitrarily confiscated by a few powerful people in the current system. With Bitcoin, you’ll come to appreciate boredom. HODL Bitcoin is something that is not exciting in reality.

But that’s fine because Bitcoin is not something that needs to be exciting.

You don’t have to be a hero to use your superpower with Bitcoin

Bitcoin is above all simple. You buy Bitcoin, put it in cold storage, and then move on. No need to constantly watch the price of Bitcoin. Bitcoin’s programmatic monetary policy protects you. It guarantees that 1 BTC today will always be worth 1 BTC in 21 million units in the future.

With demand continuing to rise in the future, the price of Bitcoin in U.S. dollars will continue to rise.

This increase in the price of Bitcoin in U.S. dollars is the very kryptonite that may prevent you from using your superpower to the fullest. As the price of Bitcoin in U.S. dollars rises, more and more people will try to convince you to take profits.

Unfortunately, some will give in to the greed that is the biggest enemy in the Bitcoin world.

By taking profits, you are not just selling BTC, you are buying U.S. dollars. Thus, you are selling hard money against weak money that keeps getting weaker. You’re getting more money back in fiat currency than you invested in Bitcoin in the past, but it’s worthless since what you get back will keep devaluing in the future.

Once you’ve entered the Bitcoin world, your best strategy is the simplest: use your superpower by being a Bitcoin HODLer no matter what.

Final Thoughts

If you can be a Bitcoin HODLer no matter what, and it won’t always be easy as the price of Bitcoin rises in the coming years, then you’ll be one of the ordinary people who have achieved something extraordinary: taking power over your life.

By individually taking back the power over your life, you will also collectively participate in the emergence of a new system that will be an alternative to the fiat system that excludes hundreds of millions of people around the world.

The greatest superpower that being a Bitcoin HODLer gives you is supporting the Bitcoin revolution, which is already proving to be the only solution for millions of people around the world. That’s something extraordinary that you can support by using your superpower.

It’s up to you to become an anonymous hero by using your superpower to help make the world a better place for many in the future. It’s up to you!

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