Top 3 Cryptocurrencies In the Gaming Industry To Buy For 2020

3 cryptocurrencies to buy for 2020 and beyond…

We are already in September and 2019 will have seen the return to a bull market on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Now that Bitcoin is back on the rise, everyone is looking for cryptocurrencies to target absolutely for 2020 and beyond. In the following, I will introduce you to 3 cryptocurrencies in the gaming industry to target absolutely and more importantly, why I believe especially in these 3 Altcoins.

The Gaming Industry Is Booming

Blockchain is a revolution that will impact many sectors in the coming years. Nevertheless, some sectors will be impacted before others. Among the sectors that will be strongly impacted by massive adoption is the gaming industry.

Gamers are used to spending a lot of time online when they play. In most of the games they play, they are used to buying virtual items of any kind. The idea of tokenizing the economy seems natural to them. In addition, they are curious by nature, which will encourage them to test cryptocurrency projects that are part of their game world.

Cryptocurrencies targeting the gaming industry, therefore, have great potential since they are in a fast-growing market that already represents more than $150 billion in revenues in 2019 worldwide and could exceed $180 billion by 2021, according to some studies.

By way of comparison, the film industry will reach just $50 billion in revenues in 2021 while the music industry is expected to reach $22 billion in revenues. Reading these forecasts, it is clear why the gaming industry represents a sector full of promise for the future of cryptocurrencies.

The cryptocurrencies of the gaming industry should therefore be targeted particularly for 2020 and beyond. Among these, I see three, even more, promising than the others:

1. Enjin Coin — ENJ

Behind Enjin Coin is Enjin which is the largest online gaming community. Enjin offers a flexible and free platform to create, integrate and scale tokenized gaming assets.

The team behind the Enjin Coin project has created smart contracts that allow game developers to make their items exchangeable. Many games are already based on Enjin Coin technology: Forest Knight, Bitcoin Hodler, War of Crypto, Age of Rust, 9 Lives Arena, and ReBounce.

Even better, the Enjin Coin cryptocurrency has partnered with the world’s leading smartphone manufacturer Samsung. This partnership aimed to distribute the Enjin Coin wallet directly to the South Korean giant’s Galaxy S10/S10+ smartphones.

At the beginning of the summer, Samsung announced that it had already sold more than 16 million units of these smartphones. These figures should continue to increase to reach at least 20 million units sold, which will allow the Enjin Coin wallet to be made available on a very large scale.

This partnership should enable Enjoin Coin to become the most widely used cryptocurrency in the gaming industry. This will enable the project to solidify its position in the Top 100 most capitalized cryptocurrencies and reach at least the Top 50 during the year 2020.

2. Theta Token — THETA

With its cryptocurrency project, Theta Token aims to disrupt the online video industry in the same way that YouTube did in 2005 compared to traditional video. In concrete terms, Theta Token wants to become the leading video platform on the Blockchain by providing a decentralized streaming mode with a bandwidth consumption-sharing model based on its token THETA.

This model should allow all streamers to benefit from it, whether they are located in countries where the Internet connection is cheap and of high quality or in countries where the Internet connection is very expensive and of poor quality.

In the video game industry, we have seen that influencers are increasingly using streaming platforms to interact with their audiences. In this context, Theta Token offers a solution of choice in the gaming industry.

SliverTV, the main distribution platform for the Theta Token project, already has more than 1 million users and is growing rapidly, encouraging optimism. THETA is at the gates of the Top 50 most highly valued cryptocurrencies at the moment and will clearly target the Top 30 during the year 2020.

3. DreamTeam Token — DREAM

Last cryptocurrency on which to bet for 2020 and beyond, DreamTeam Token is a slightly bigger bet than Enjin Coin and Theta Token since its token the DREAM only reaches 897th position in the Top of the most valued cryptocurrencies.

The DreamTeam Token project is an infrastructure platform and payment gateway for e-sport and gaming. This cryptocurrency is therefore clearly positioned in a very promising sector since e-sports is set to become even more important in the coming years.

At the head of DreamTeam Token is Alexander Kokhanovskyy who is well-known in the e-sport industry with over 20 years of experience behind him. This is reassuring for the seriousness of the project.

The use cases of the DREAM are multiple, ranging from payment in tokens as part of a subscription model to the purchase of assets on a case-by-case basis on the DreamTeam Token platform. In addition, the payment of fees for the implementation of smart contracts for the provision of specific services is possible. Finally, the platform can be used for all gamification and rewards purposes.

The platform is still unknown to a lot of people but the fundamentals are solid and will have to be reckoned with in 2020 and beyond.


The growth of the gaming industry will continue to increase in the coming years. That is a certainty. The cryptocurrencies that have positioned themselves in this industry will experience a great boom in the coming years as well. Indeed, gamers will find a strong interest in using these cryptocurrencies to simplify their video game experience. The increasing number of players adopting them will necessarily increase the price of their tokens.

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